what would you do with $900!?!


I am part of an awesome giveaway and I want to share it with you all to give you a chance to win! How awesome would winning be! I’m a big fan of Enjoy the View and was happy to be a part of her blog anniversary giveaway   Here are a few details about the giveaway: Giveaway is open worldwide. Void where prohibited. There will be three winners chosen. The grand prize is $500, 2nd prize is $250, and {Read More}

oh hey Friday- my to read list


Happy Friday! I’m on a big reading kick right now. I go through spurts where I read a lot and I’m in one now. So these are my five books that I have on my list to read next. 1. This is what I’m currently reading. It is the third book in the trilogy and it’s great so far. 2.  I saw a preview for the movie based on this book so I wanted to read the book. I really {Read More}

Currently I’m


Currently I’m: Just feeling incredibly good and grateful. I feel at peace and happy with my life for the first time in so long that I’m trying to ride the wave and keep enjoying it. I’m loving my daughter so much and am finding 7 to be such a fun age, except for the sass but it’s not too bad. She is the most fun, smartest, sweetest and most amazing person ever and I helped make her. Having her gone {Read More}

Tips & Tricks 7/29/2014


Welcome to another week of Tips and Tricks! I love all the amazing posts that are linked up each week. It’s fun seeing what you all share weekly.  This week my favorite post had to be this collection of peanut butter and chocolate desserts. It’s my favorite combination. I can’t wait to try some of them out! (source) Please follow your hosts so you don’t miss the party when it goes live each week and so you can see we {Read More}

August is no spend month, wish us luck!


After doing some research on budgeting and money and really taking a look at where our money goes. I came up with a plan. My family and I are doing a no spend month for August. While looking over our bank statement I came to the realization that way too much money was going towards dining out, buying things we don’t need from places like Target, splurging on outings, etc. So for the month of August all of that stuff {Read More}

I really wonder if she missed home


 Here are some pictures of Isabella’s trip. Or otherwise known as her two weeks of having so much fun she barely missed me frozen sing a long crazy pool jumps with Grandma with Grandpa riding grandma’s horse with my husband’s grandparents painting while great-grandpa reads the paper the aquarium

Sunday Social 7/27/2014

I’m so happy it’s finally Sunday and Isabella is coming home! Get ready for pictures of her to start filling up my Facebook and Instagram  If I could ask you please to follow me on Bloglovin so you don’t miss any of my posts!. Thanks! 1. 3 Favorite songs right now Latch my Sam Smith Rude by Magic 2. 3 Favorite movies that remind you of Summer I think of action movies in the summer, so Thor Plus I love {Read More}

Oh Hey, Friday!


It’s Friday! I’m so excited Isabella comes home on Sunday. She’s been having a great time with her grandparents, I get daily phone calls and lots of pictures but I’m excited that she’s going  to be back home. Then it will be one month till she starts school again so I’ve got to start thinking about that. We have been busy this week and here are five things I’ve been up to. ONE- We went and saw a movie at {Read More}

10 reasons I’m in love


It’s Thursday which is typically Take care of me Thursday but today is my wedding anniversary so I’m going to be posting something different.   Ten things I love about my marriage. I usually am not a lovey, sappy person but for our tenth wedding anniversary I’m going to go there. 1. I love that we have been together forever and that means that almost all the major milestones in my life he was a part of. He also got {Read More}

15 of my the best posts on Social media information I’ve found

social media tips

I know my social media series posts usually come on Monday but I was really busy  yesterday so it comes out today. Today’s post is also going to be a bit different. I have put together a list of my favorite articles on social media to give you all some other opinions and because I know that you will learn a lot from these other bloggers.  Knowledge is power when it comes to blogging so I’m always trying to learn {Read More}

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