Tips & Tricks 7/22/2014


    There were a lot of great posts linked up again last week and I’m excited for this weeks link up. I loved this post on how to make a watermelon slushy with your kids. When my daughter gets back I think she will love doing this. (source) Please follow your hosts so you don’t miss the party when it goes live each week and so you can see we mention your link! Here are your hosts: Kathleen & Samantha {Read More}

Sunday Social 7/20/2014


Happy Sunday! I’d love to connect with all of you so please give me a follow on Facebook and say hi! 1. What is the most difficult thing you have been through? By far the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through was having a stroke in 2010, when I was 25. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. It was difficult in ways that will probably last forever and it changed my life completely. 2. What was your best birthday? {Read More}

goofy time with some kids


Here are some pictures of us spending time with our niece and nephew who are visiting from North Carolina.  Isabella left the day after they got here so she spent one night with her cousins    Goofing off with her uncle Blake     my silly boys

Hey Friday: blog goals


 I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Isabella has been out of town since Saturday and she will be gone another week. She’s with her grandparents and having fun but it’s so weird not having here home. For this Hey Friday I’m sharing with you five of my blogging goals. ONE to try my hand at making a vlog. I want to do one but putting myself on camera makes me nervous and a little insecure.  If you have made a {Read More}

How he kept me waiting.

Oct 2 1st day home

If you found me through my post on September Farm then you have seen this story. I did want to share it though with everyone else. Also my anniversary is coming up next week so I want to do some posts of memories of my life and marriage. I hope you enjoy. My daughter was born three weeks before her due date, she was clearly in a hurry to be born. I am terrified of hospitals and needles and have {Read More}

Tips and Tricks 7/15/2014


    So my daughter is gone on vacation and apparently that gives me lots of blogging time. So be prepared for lots of posts the next couple weeks. I’m doing a weekly social media series if you want to check that out. (here) There were a lot of great posts linked up again last week and I’m excited for this weeks link up. I loved this post on how to make a sugar scrub. (source) Please follow your hosts {Read More}

Instagram time- Social media tips series.

    This week I’m going to focus a little bit on Instagram. I’m still pretty new to Instagram but it has quickly become one of my favorite social media tools. Here are the things I’ve learned that I have found to work the best. 1. Find popular hashtags (I always use #catsofinstagram, for photos of my cats) Hashtags allow people to find you. They are especially good if they are related to your niche or business. 2. The purpose {Read More}

family movie time with General mills


Thank you to General Mills for sponsoring today’s post! As always though all opinions are my own. Our daughter was leaving to go on vacation for two weeks with her grandparents. We wanted to spend some quality time with her before she left and thanks to General Mills we were able to get a free family movie. General Mills did this with their new promotion of offering a free HD movie download when you purchase 2 boxes of these participating {Read More}

Oh hey Friday: Birthday wish list

      Happy Friday.! A new Friday link up started today so here are my five random things. here are five things I want for my birthday (hint, hint family) 1.    I want Lightroom for photo editing (found here)   2.  This necklace (found here) from Anthropologie 3.  (found here) I really want a Mac Book air for a new laptop. Once I make enough I hope to get one.   4. This pink scarf that I love {Read More}

Take care of you Thursday: clean up time.

Untitled design (1)

    It’s Thursday! That means it’s time for a Take care of you Thursday post. I posted my 5 tips for cleaning awhile ago here. I thought it might be nice to expand on that and make an updated list on keeping clean organized for today’s post. These are just keeping the house tidy tips and not any of my organization systems I’ve put into place. I will share those a different day.   1. My best tip and {Read More}