April Blog Challenge Day 1

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I am so glad that you are here on my blog joining me for day one of my blog everyday in April Challenge.

The first question of the challenge is: What is one talent you wish you have that you don’t?I love taking pictures I have hundreds and hundreds of my daughter and nieces and nephews. I know that photography has a technical aspect that can be taught and I need to learn how to take better photos. What I wish I was better at was having the natural ability to see the right lighting and compose beautiful shots. It is something that I plan to work on because I love it and I know that it would benefit my blog. I just wish I had some more natural talent at it to make the process easier.


There are so man amazing bloggers who are also awesome photographers and I know that their beautiful photos add so much to the blog.

I have a few photography books I need to study and Pinterest boards full of articles and posts to read up on.

So what one talent do you wish you had but don’t? Please link up your blog post and read as many other posts as you can. I will read through them and each day pick a few to tweet about to help give you guys more exposure. Also if you could please share this challenge with your friends and followers.

Each night on Facebook, I will post the next day’s topic, So follow my page and that way you will know the upcoming topic.


  1. I wish I had a better grasp of the technical side of blogging/web site design. I have come a long way with reading up on stuff – but as soon as people get to coding my eyes glaze over and I start doodling. I need to be a little more disciplined about learning it!

  2. There are so many resources out there to become better at photography, regardless of one’s initial ability there is always something to learn. The most challenging part of learning something new is starting and secondly sticking to the process. It will be cool to see what you learn as you use the resources you have mentioned.

  3. That “natural” ability to compose the image can be taught to!!!! Come hang out with me – we will have coffee and I’ll help with some hidden photography secrets!

  4. Wahoo! That was fun! Thanks!

  5. I am also photography challenged. I tried reading the manual for my camera but it put me to sleep. I feel like it’s such a technical skill. I wrote a blog post every day in March so I am taking April easy, but in May I’d like to start a Project 365 for photography.


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