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I want to thank all of you who linked up yesterday, I read every one of your posts and am excited to see what you post today. So today the prompt is to tell the story of your life in 300 words or less.


The story of my life in only 300 words or less. That can be quite the challenge. Putting almost 30 years in to so few words a lot has to be left out but I’m going to do my best.

I was born in San Diego as the oldest of three daughters. My sisters and I are all within in four years of each other. I was lucky to have a lot of family close by. When I was fourteen I met and started dating a boy who would later become my husband. We dated for five years and got married right before I turned twenty, my husband is two years older than I am. A couple of years later I became a mom to a daughter named Isabella who is now 7.  My husband and I struggled financially early on in our marriage and spent a lot of time living with different family members. Thankfully we are at a place now where we live on our own.








When I was 25 I woke up one morning and had suffered a stroke in my sleep. This was a major turning point in our lives. It has been a long road to recover to the point I’m at now. It also led me to discover the world of blogging and to realize I wanted to do different things in my life. I was unable to continue college or work with children due to my disabilities so my life changed a lot. For that I’m grateful because I feel like I’m on the right path in my life now. My husband and I will be married for ten years this summer and at some point will expand our family. We aren’t sure when or how.

I will be turning 30 in six months and am excited to see what my 30’s bring especially since my 20’s were such a roller coaster.

So now it’s time to read about all of your lives. I’m excited to learn a little more about all of you.




  1. Wow! you are an inspiration. I thought that my uncle was young when he had a stroke, he was 48. Praying that you will get to add to your family soon.

  2. Love this life story. I think I would struggle too to say everything about my life in 300 words. You do a good job though at giving a look into your life. I hope your 30s are every bit as awesome as you deserve!

  3. Your kid(s) are going to look back and say, “My mom was an inspiration.” I hope you know that :)

  4. Wow it’s so neat that you’ve know your husband since you were 14.


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