April Blog Challenge Day 3!

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Now I want to thank everyone who is participating in the challenge and helping drive more traffic.  The prompt for day 3 is If you knew tomorrow was your last day on Earth what three things would you do?

1. The first thing I would want is to call or see as much of my family as possible.  Especially my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and grandparents. Get a chance to say goodbye and leave nothing unsaid between the people I love and care about.

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2. Then I’d want to spend a perfect day with my husband and daughter, just having fun and no stress. Go anywhere and do anything we want.  Maybe hop on a plane and go on a last minute trip because on the last day of your life, money is no object, it’s all about creating lasting memories for who I’d be leaving behind.


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3.Finally I’d want to record messages for my daughter. If I were to not be around for the big moments in her life I would at least want to give her advice and be there in a way for her. I’d want her to hear from me for events like first date, graduation, college, getting married, having kids. Those were the moments I really thought about after my stroke. How would she have gone through those moments without me. I know she’d have her dad and all our family but I’m her mom and some moments you just need your mom for.

This topic is close to my heart because I know that you don’t get warning very often that your life is about to end. I thought about it a lot and it was one of the things I struggled with after the stroke. I’m very affectionate with my daughter and I don’t like to leave things unsaid because I’m aware of how fast life can end or change.

So how about you, what would your three things be on your final day?

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  1. I linked up for the first time today! I love how you’d go on a trip. I would add that to my list too! A trip to the beach would be great! It’s my happy place!

  2. Lovin’ this Link-Up! Thanks for doing it, Karissa! My three are similar to yours :-)


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