April Blog Challenge Day 4!

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So for today’s blog post, I want to know who were the most influential people in your life. This post is about mine. Please read as many posts that link up as you can.

1. My parents, although I’m very different then them in a lot of ways I don’t think that it would be possible to say that they haven’t had a major influence in my life.  I love them and I’m glad that their life works for them but I also realized that I have very different beliefs and values than they do and luckily I have always been given the freedom to be who I want to be.


2. My husband, because we met and started dating so young all of my adult years have been spent with him. We’ve had to learn how to grow up together and make our life work. We had to discover how to be adults, how to be married and how to be parents together. We only had our own childhoods to pull things from and our parents are very different so we had to learn what worked for us together.


3. The woman I worked as a nanny for before my stroke. My family always had kids young and got married young and this was seen as the normal way to do things and even was thought of as odd or strange if you did things differently. In their family it was different and while there are positives and negatives to both ways I was glad to see a positive and healthy example of doing things differently than most people in my family do things. I had my daughter very young but because of all the set backs in life we’ve experienced our second child won’t come into our family till much later. I’m glad I’ve seen that this can work and be a good thing.

So how about you who has been a major influence in your life? Link up and let us know.



  1. I love your inspirations! Mine are pretty much the same. :)


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