April Blog Challenge Day 7

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Welcome to day 7, I’m starting to feel a little better, so hopefully I will be able to be more on track with things. I’d  like to ask a favor from you. Right above my picture on the right column could you please sign up for my newsletter. I’m going to start making my newsletter a larger part of my blog. Thank You!

Also I’m starting to use my Google + more due to the fact that Facebook so I’d love for you all to start following me there.  Day 7′s blog prompt is to brag about yourself by telling me three things that are positive about yourself.



1.  I’m sensitive in the way that I genuinely care about people. When I hear about someone who is hurting or going through a terrible time. I’m really affected by it. I have friends who have recently lost pets and who have sick kids and I wish I could take their pain away so deeply. It hurts me sometimes being so sensitive to others pain but I think it makes me a better person.

2.  I’m a fighter. In that when things get hard and I want to quit I won’t. It’s how I survived my medical problems, having a baby with colic and not sleeping for a year and being married for ten years. When I’m in, I’m all in.

3.  I want everyone to feel loved and part of a family. If I had the money we’d have a ton of kids, many adopted and be rescuing pets from shelters constantly. I have a lot of love to give and there are so many children and animals who need love.
So How about you, what three good things can you say about yourself. I believe it boosts are confidence to think positively about ourselves.


  1. Love that quote about self-confidence!

  2. Karissa – I am so glad that I found your blog from the Collective Social Blog Hop! I love this idea of talking about our positive traits. Here are few of mine:
    1) I am a good listener and try to help people live their passions and fulfill their dreams!
    2) I am empathetic. I hate to see people hurting and would love to help everyone to live a happy, healthy life.
    3) I am a good cook and I also love to do it!

  3. Number 1 is very much me. I’m thankful for it most of the time, but some times that can be so hard!

  4. I probably could have wrote this post myself, between my fostering dogs, chronic health/pain issues, and being a Highly Sensitive Person, which is sounds like you are too.

  5. #3 is all me. (And I followed you on Google +!)

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