11 ways to grow your Facebook page. Here are 11 do's and don'ts to growing your Facebook page.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a social media post as part of my summer series and with school starting and summer coming to an end it was time for another post. This time I thought I would share some information on building your Facebook page. I know Facebook isn’t a favorite as much now because organic reach is so low. I wish it was different but that’s the way it is. I still like keeping up with my Facebook and playing around with things on there. It’s far from my top traffic source to my blog but I think building an audience on Facebook is an important thing. I post a lot of articles on there and it gives me an idea of what my fans like by what they respond to. It’s not where I spend a huge chunk  of my social media time but I try to keep up with my Facebook page and slowly keep growing it. 

11 ways to grow your Facebook page. Here  are 11 do's and don'ts to growing your Facebook page.
So if you want some ideas on how to grow your own page I’ve put together a roundup of some fun articles to check out, some videos and some of the tips I’ve used on my own page. So if you are looking for ways to improve your Facebook because I still think it’s a good platform and a good idea to keep it active. Here are some ideas on how to get it working better for you. So let’s get started with 11 ways  to boost your Facebook 


1. creating a call to action button


2. https://youtu.be/xzQu1AL_UxY?list=PLdOwNyEU2uW7O_nzCaNbMnaiNLnoR-efO

3. 10 Facebook Tweaks for your Business

4. 21 ways to improve your Facebook ads with Facebook Targeting 

5.  How do I get noticed on Facebook?

6. https://youtu.be/rFU5T1qfb4k


7. 10 Facebook Business Tips Infographic, although I wholeheartedly disagree with #7. If you're going to make a post on any social network, stick around and be present. The longer a person has to wait for a response from a brand, their loyalty dwindles. Be present!


8. My Facebook Tip: Facebook is a lot of give and take so share with your readers. Share interesting articles you find and  share the amazing work of other bloggers. It’s good Karma that will hopefully come back to you plus it builds community. No one wants to visit your page and just see tons of your stuff. Share some good content to keep your followers coming back.


9. Nine smart Facebook groups worth joining 

10. 12 Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Page Management #facebook

11. five ways to keep your Facebook page alive