15 blog goals for 2015

As I reflect back on how much my blog has changed and grown over the past year! I’m so excited by how much things have grown this year, it gets me excited for the upcoming year and what I hope will be an even more amazing year for this blog. So here are my 15 blog goals for 2015!

15 blog goals for 2015

1. Start using an editorial calendar more consistently. (organization is a big goal in 2015)

2. Start doing more free consults. I have 4 this week. (sign up here for yours)

3. Book more clients to do in depth consultations with.

4. Get my Motivational Monday linkup to over 200 linked up posts. (we are over 30 this week so far)

5. At least triple my page views by next New Years.

6. Make a vlog, I keep saying I will but haven’t yet. This is the year!

7. Guest post at least twice a month. That would be 24 guest posts next year.

8. Hit 10,000 Pinterest followers. I’m at 7,600 so I’ve got  a lot to go still.

9. Beat my best view day ever. I wont give the number, I know it and I want to beat it.

10. Go to another blog conference. I learned so much this year going to one, I want to go to another.

11. Take a photography course to improve my blog photos.

12. re-launch my Women to Watch Wednesdays in a new and better way.

13. read one blogging/business book a month

14. Send at least one newsletter a month, not just my weekly post updates.

15. Grow my newsletter list to over 2,000.

So there are my blogging goals, I will do another post with personal goals later.

Leave me a comment sharing one of your blogging goals for 2015!