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As a blogger social media is so important to the growth of my site but it can be confusing. That’s why I like to write posts about social media tips. That way I can share what I’ve learned and hopefully help you avoid some of the confusion. I love Pinterest. It brings my blog so many readers. I know with recent changes though some bloggers lost traffic and some bloggers just don’t know how to use Pinterest well. So here are my social media tips when using Pinterest.


15 Pinterest Tips to help your grow your blog.

This post will be focusing on Pinterest. So to start things off here are my top 10 favorite Pinterest Tips! These aren’t new tips but they are tried and true tips that I have done or currently do to maximize my Pinterest.


1.  Share who you are with your followers. Include your picture and fill out the about section so people know who they are following.

Here is mine as an example.



2. Comment on pins. Not a lot of people comment so the comments stand out and people who might not be following you yet might take notice and the people you are following probably don’t get a lot of comments.  It’s a nice way to increase interaction with you and your followers.


3. consistently pin things You don’t want your followers to forget you are on Pinterest. I try to get on Pinterest everyday even if just to post a couple things and do a little re-pinning.

4. Don’t over pin!  If you’ve been on Pinterest before where someone has pinned 100 similar items at once and it takes up most of your feed, you know that’s annoying,, try not to be annoying.

5. Schedule Pins! If you can try a pinning service to schedule pins. I’m a fan of Tailwind. You can schedule pins for the next week. I pay for the monthly service. I believe it’s $10 a month and Tailwind schedules the posts for when my Pinterest pins are seen the best. 

5. Your board is most important. It should be the first board people see when the click on your Pinterest Page. If it’s not, move your boards around. You want to drive people to your site and make it easy to find your content.

6. Organize your boards. Mine are my board first. Then seasonal boards like the current Holiday. Then boards related to what I blog about (social media, organization) Then less used boards ( other holidays, boards that are more personal). Then Group boards. 

 7.Put your group boards at the bottom!  People don’t wan’t to scroll through all your group boards. so group them together at the bottom.

8.Join Group boards!  This helps more people see your pins but you need to post regularly to them, I need to get better about this. I’m in a few group boards but I don’t join every board I’m invited to because they don’t fit me.

9. Group boards aren’t as important as they used to be. With the changes in how pins are shown now group boards don’t matter as much as they did. I cut down my group boards to the ones I really enjoy being a part of. The ones that relate best to my blog or that I get a lot of repins from. I’m just more selective now. 

10. Label your pins. The new search makes this more important than ever. So include popular key words in your pin descriptions. 

11. Link your Pinterest with your Twitter and Facebook!  Here is a great article about it here!

12.  Have a pin it button on your site!  Make it easy for your readers to pin your content. There are a million tutorials on this so search for one that works for you.

13. Grow your Pinterest. The best way to do this is to try to like 10 new pinners daily and like and comment on multiple pins daily. Get your account being seen. 

14.Update old posts for Pinterest. Create pinnable images for older posts to get them pinned on your board and drive traffic to them. Tall iages work best I have found. Canva even has a pinterest size template.

15.Clean up your boards. Rename them and add boards descriptions using those keywords I mentioned earlier. It will help you come up in searches.

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