I hate not having a complete 31 day series. So for the next week some days I will be doubling up to make up for those not done posts.So get ready for more social media goodness this week. With extra posts to catch up and get me back on track. When it comes to social media there are so many areas to write about so I want to do all 31 days to get as many topics as possible covered.Today I’m sharing some more Periscope info with you. It’s a newer platform so I want to share 5 tips for using Periscope to help you out.

5 tips for using Periscope


1. Heart it up: this is so easy to do and really important. You can give 500 hearts in about 90 seconds. If you want to give more than that then exit the scope and go back in. Only 500 count towards the scopers total. Heart are great social proof and most scopes give lots of great content and deserve that 890 seconds and 500 hearts.

2. Understand Overnight success stories: I heard this talked about on a scope but it’s important for people to realize. There aren’t over night success stories. If someone is only on Periscope for a month and they have 50,000 followers and a million hearts. It’s not because they are an over night success.31 days of blog growth Day 14- Five keys to know about Periscope

They had a good following some where else before coming over to Periscope. Either through blogging, Twitter or maybe a Podcast. It could be from a lot of different places. When they headed over to Periscope lots of their followers came with them.

I mention this because it’s important to remember when joining Periscope or any new platform that you shouldn’t look at these people and compare yourself. That they aren’t really blowing up and getting huge followings over night. That it probably took months and years of hard work to attract those followers somewhere else.

3. Be interactive in comments: Even if you aren’t scoping, which I’m not t the moment you can still be interactive and social on Periscope. That is through the comments. I like to try to leave a few comments every time I watch a scope. It can be really helpful if you answer other viewers questions or recap the content of the scope so far. If you do it often enough and on multiple scopes the scoper will probably mention you and appreciate you being helpful.

4. share lots of valuable content: If you do scope, no matter what your topic or niche, you need to make your content valuable to your followers. The topic or subject is irrelevant in that your followers are following you because you are that topic but they wont watch you are share your scopes if the content isn’t good. Meaning. I follow a lot of business and blogging scopers. I’ve watched many different scopes. There are some scopers who I watch all the time and don’t want to miss because their content is amazing. There are also some who don’t have as good of content and regularly get dismissed. So bring valuable content.

5. Titles are what get your scopes watched: Ad important as providing great content is to having followers is it’s not the only thing to consider. If your scopes get shared because of your awesome content and people decide to follow you. As great as that is you still want them to click open your scopes and watch them. Right? Yes! So how you can help make that happen is by having engaging titles.

Just like you need good blog titles to get your blog read you need good titles to get your scopes watched. So think them through. Give your followers a reason to want to watch in the title. Don’t leave the title blank. I’ve never once clicked open a scope with a blank title. Why would I, I have no idea what it’s about.

If these Periscope tips have been helpful to you I’d appreciate if you’d share it on social media. Thanks.