5 tips to going to to going to your first blog conference

Today is day 3 of the blogging challenge and today’s prompt is what advice would you give someone going to their first blog conference. I remember that I was very nervous to go to my first conference but this last one I was more comfortable, so here are my five tips I’d share with newbies.

5 tips to going to to going to your first blog conference

1. Bring business cards: They are nice to give out so people can look at your blog when they get home. Bring a lot, this last conference over the weekend I wish I had brought more. If you don’t have any they aren’t very expensive to have made.

2. Get your caffeine: If you need caffeine like I do, fuel up on it. Even though they aren’t very physically exhausting it still is a long day and I end up getting pretty tired. I wasn’t the only one walking in with a coffee cup either.

3. Ask people questions: I’m not naturally outgoing but I make an effort to be a little more social at conferences and ask the other bloggers questions about themselves and their blogs. It’s great connecting with new bloggers and getting to know them and make friends.

4. Wear comfortable clothes: Both in terms of you want to be comfortable because you will enjoy your day better if you are comfy but also you want to be comfortable with what your wearing in terms of looking nice since you are meeting new people.

5. Take lots of notes: As a blogger there is always new stuff to learn because things are constantly changing. There will be a lot of information being shared with you so be ready to take lots of notes so you can go home and start using what you’ve learned.

june day 3