Welcome to day 2 of the Spring cleaning series. As I’ve been working on my spring cleaning plan for this year I decided to do some research on how to properly clean my home this year. I wanted to find the best spring cleaning tips and cleaners. So that my home can be so clean and we can clear away germs and start spring with a clean home and some months of good health. 

We have family coming to stay with us in a few weeks so I’m excited to try out these best spring cleaning tips and cleaners as well as doing my normal cleaning routine. I am a bigger fan of organization which is why when it came to finding the best spring cleaning tricks and cleaners I wanted to make sure I checked out what some of my favorite cleaning bloggers had recommended. 

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How to Deep Clean Your Fridge | Deep Cleaning Your Fridge | Refrigerator Deep-Cleaning 101 | Cleaning Your Refrigerator | Give Your Fridge a Deep Clean

How to Deep Clean your Fridge – Living Well Spending Less 


17 Incredible Ways to Dust-The Krazy Coupon Lady 

Bathtub Cleaning Trick

Bathtub Cleaning Trick– One Good Thing 

How to Clean Your Pillows – Hunker

Wash soap off and see the amazing results!

How to Clean your Glass Stovetop– Happy Mamatales

Homemade Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner – One Good Thing

3 Bathroom Cleaning Tips – Clean Mama

How to Naturally Clean Any Washing Machine - Top Loading via Clean Mama

How to Clean your Washing Machine – The Clean Mama

Awesome tips to REALLY get your toilet cleaned and disinfected! // cleanandscentsible.com

How to Deep Clean your Toilet – Clean and Scentsible 

Clean Baseboards with Baby Wipes - Clean Mama copy

3 Ways to Clean your Baseboards – The Clean Mama

Great tutorial on how to clean a dishwasher. Lots of little places I didn't know I had to clean!

How to Clean your Dishwasher – Clean and Scentsible 

Stay tuned for the next post in the Spring Cleaning Series. I hope gives you lots f great ideas to get home clean. This series will focus more on the actual cleaning. If you are looking for clutter and organization tips there are lots of great posts here. Plus my book How to Finally be Clutter-free is on sale. This book will walk you through getting your home decluttered and organized.