So it’s now on to day 2 of the Feel Good blogging 7 day challenge. I liked doing Day one of the challenge a lot  and got
some great comments and if you haven’t checked it out you can read it here.  I’d love for you to check it out and leave me a comment on that post or on this one. I really want to do each day of this challenge so I’ve been thinking what to write for today. Today’s blog post is about how I became a blogger/entrepreneur. What has my journey been and how did I get to right here.

challenge day 2


The truth of the matter is I never wanted to own my own business. I was determined not to in fact. I have a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners in my family. Both my parents own their own businesses. My grandpa did. Two of my grandmothers did and my great grandpa did. So I was around business owners and saw behind the scenes of owning your own business my entire life.

Although most of them enjoy or enjoyed their businesses there are also a lot of negatives and I got to see that too. Employees stealing and taking advantage of my family. Also the long hours and hard work that goes into making a business successful. It all seemed very stressful and I wanted no part of it. I planned to have a regular job with set hours and a set paycheck. None of this up and down that I had seen my family members go through.

So how did I end up here then. As a blogger for three years and slowly turning this blog into my own business? Well life is funny sometimes and it doesn’t really care what you planned. Things are going to happen and they did to me. I never could decide what I wanted to major in when I was in school. It kept changing. Then I got married and had my daughter, which worked and I love my little family. School became part time though so I could work part time and take care of my little girl.

me and my girl

Then life flipped on me. I was 25 going school, working part time and mom to an adorable 3 year old. Then I had a stroke. Had to stop working, couldn’t handle going back to school and needed to figure out something to help me cope and fill my life. So I started reading blogs. I read blogs for awhile and then in 2012 I decided I should start my own. I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it but it was something to do and to focus on other than what had happened to me and what I could no longer do.

So I started blogging and learning about blogging and wow it’s three years later and this is really turning into something. I have people reading this and comments and this blog thing might be an answer to what kind of career I can have. I’m just starting to earn a little extra money each month which is awesome and I hope that at some point it’s more and more consistent.

Even though I never could have imagined my life taking the twists and turns it took to get me here. It’s all worked out the way it was supposed to I feel. I love my blog and love learning all that I can to make it better and grow it. I also love my readers and the connections I make on the internet. I work when I want to work and I’m in control of when and how much. I get to be home with my daughter a lot which is great and work when she’s in school. I don’t have employees yet so haven’t had to deal with that yet. I never meant to be an entrepreneur but I think sometimes we don’t really know what it is that we want or what is best for us.

Thanks for reading about my journey.