8 simple steps to get you more organized

I’ve written about being more organized before but there are always new tips and ideas to help you get better at it. I know I’m always learning new organizing and cleaning tricks. Here are 8 simple steps to get you more organized. Hope that these tips help you with getting your home organized. Even though this post was written awhile ago. These are still some of my favorite organization tips. I think number two and seven are the ones I still use the most often.

8 simple steps to get you more organized

1. In our house we try to take 30 minutes on Sunday, set a timer and all help clean up and get our house in order. It’s a good way to get a lot done and it doesn’t take a long time with all of us helping out.


2. Every night I aim to get the dishes done and in the process of getting the dishes done I usually get the kitchen picked up as well. I let things soak and put away anything on the counters and wipe them down. Having the kitchen clean helps the house feel cleaner and more relaxed. My kitchen is small and we are only a family of 3 so it takes maybe 30 minutes max.


3. An easy way to make the house look and feel cleaner is to tackle the flat surfaces first. For instance. I will take 20 minutes and clean off the coffee table, the end table and the dining room table. It really transforms the look of the room.


4. A big part of keeping the home organization  is simply is to pick up regularly. I’m really working with Bella on that one. Taking dishes to the sink, putting away shoes, etc. When I get up to do something I try to take a moment to pick up any trash, dishes or laundry I come across. Doing that a few times a day really helps.


5. I like to tackle pieces of my home one at a time. Some people like to devote one or two days to cleaning the whole house but that’s not the way I like to do things. So one day I will get the bathrooms cleaned top to bottom. This is where regularly picking up helps. The bathroom is mostly clutter free so it’s spraying and wiping down everything and floors. Same with the others rooms. Dust or wipe down and floors.


6.  I think when a house smells nice it makes it seem cleaner. That’s one of the things I love about having my Scentsy warmers. My house smells good and that just makes things feel fresher and newer. Also we have a lot of pets so that helps hide pet smell.


7.  Vacuum, especially if you have pets. We use the vacuum multiple times a week and pull out our carpet cleaner a few times a month. It helps our house look so much cleaner if it’s freshly vacuumed.


8. Clear out clutter. That is a huge problem in our house. Too much stuff and no where to put it. So we have started being really selective about not buying things we don’t need and getting rid of things. We have a donation pile going and it gets taken down to the thrift shop often. Organization is so much easier when you have less stuff. So I’m constantly clearing things out to donate.