So how was your fourth of July? We had a great day. My husband’s birthday was on the 2nd so we decided to see a movie on the fourth to celebrate. We had a great time! We took Isabella to go to see Earth to Echo. It was a really good movie and we all enjoyed it. After we went to Target to get a few things, then we went to my grandmas for some bbq and dessert. It was just a few of us but it was fun. Then we were all a little tired, It was

hot yesterday and that wiped us out so we went home and relaxed.


My mom and Bella getting marshmallows ready for s’mores


my grandma eating her first s’more. We found out yesterday she had never had one before, her dog is

trying to get a bite.


Blake and I


My beautiful girl and me



At the movies, don’t you wear a tiara when you go to the movies?


Big smiles with her daddy!