So in a little more than five weeks Bella goes back to school. Her school shortened summer this year so it’s coming up fast! I realized I have a lot to do if we want to start the school year off right and that starts with back to school organization. I do better if I take things one step at a time. If I think about all the stuff that needs to be done I feel overwhelmed and out of control and then I can’t get stuff done. So this year I’m doing things differently and kicking off a five week back to school organization weekly series. Back to school organization


I haven’t been as organized as I wanted to be in years past as the school year started and I’m not going to make the same mistakes another year. So I have come up with a plan. I have five weeks so I thought of the five areas of the home that directly affect Bella and her getting ready for school and the areas she uses after school. I’m going to tackle one area a week for the next five weeks and then when school starts we should be good to go.

Week one: Kitchen cupboards and drawers

Week Two: Bella’s clothes

Week Three: Bella’s Bathroom

Week Four: Bella’s Bedroom

Week Five: Bella’s Desk

All of these areas directly affect her ability to get out of the house on time for school or they will affect her being able to get to work after school on homework. I want to get the kitchen cleaned and organized because I think it’s important for her to be able to easily get herself a snack when she comes home.

Then I want to get started on her part of the house. She has her bedroom and bathroom on one side of the house and I want things to be cleaned up and especially organized so she knows where things are and can get them herself. Our house needs a lot of organizing and not just in these five areas but this is where I’m starting. After back to school organization and school starting I will focus my attention on areas of the house and get everything under control and organized. This just seems like the place to start and the best way to get things done. So each week at the beginning of the week I will do a post with some before pictures and then on Saturday I will do another post showing the afters and how the process went. Just like with our finances I’m hoping that by putting things out there and being open and honest on my blog. That it will keep me on track and I will be more successful.

I’m also going to be including Bella in this series. It will be her responsibility to help me with these projects. I believe in teaching her to be responsible for her space and her belongings. I also hope to purge a lot of unneeded items along the way and when it comes to her things I think it’s good for her to be a part of that. Sometimes she wants to keep more than she should so I will help her edit when needed but I want her to learn how to have less, especially since her dad and I struggle with this ourselves. So having her be a part of this process will be really important.