Back to School Organization week one

Welcome to week one of my five week Back to school Organization series. I’m so excited to finally get started. I was supposed to start last week but I had a cold and felt like doing nothing but resting so things got pushed a week. That is fine though because I’m feeling better now and ready to start. This series is going to help me tackle the five areas I think need the most attention before Bella goes back to school. That way we can start school feeling fresh and organized. I’m hoping this leads to an even better school year and gives me inspiration to tackle other problem areas around the house.

The five areas we are taking care of are

  • kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Bella’s clothes
  • Bella’s Bedroom
  • Bella’s Bathroom
  • Bella’s desk and art supplies.

Back to School Organization week one

I’m excited to get started and solve some major problems in our home. This week we are going to tackle the Kitchen cabinets and drawers. This is the only space I’m doing that is not specifically Bella’s. It’s a space we all use and it’s really gotten out of control lately. It’s hard to find what we need in the drawers and that needs to change. so here is the plan.

Step one: Identify the problems

We have a very small kitchen with not a lot of storage. So things tend to get thrown in drawers or cabinets and don’t really have a set spot. Then we don’t know where things are or exactly what we have. This drawer is all of our cooking tools and miscellaneous kitchen stuff. It’s definitely the worst drawer of the kitchen.  I think it’s the drawer that inspired this challenge.


Another problem is that we don’t really have a pantry. We use a large cabinet and the top of the fridge for boxes of cereal and stuff. Then these get full so stuff gets put on our very limited counter space. As you can see right now we are pretty full, though things could be organized better. So that’s what I’m going to do. We need to use the small space we have better.




The last major issue we have is that we have stuff we don’t really need. Too many mugs and cups, too many cooking tools, etc.  There is just not space and that leads to things looking cramped and cluttered.



So those are my thee major problems:

  • No set spots for things so they are just thrown in to cupboards and drawers. Leading to chaos and having no idea where things are
  • Too much stuff in our “pantry” area and no organization to it. Need to make better use of the space and come up with storage solutions
  • Too much stuff in the drawers and cabinets which causes them to look cluttered and disorganized.

Step two: The Plan of attack

This is where I’m glad that I don’t have a lot of drawers and cabinets. This is because for each of those drawers and cabinets I am going to empty them completely, wipe out the drawer or cabinet, put the new liner I got in some of the drawers. Then only put back the stuff I actually need and get rid of the extra stuff. I’m hoping to be able to get rid of a lot. Then for the stuff that I’m keeping I want to put it back neat and organized. So the drawers and cabinets will be cleaned out and wiped out and then neatly organized when this is all done.

So what I want to have at the end of this week is to have clean and organized spaces and to have solved some of my issues with lack of space. I also want it to be easier for Bella to get what she needs. Since this a Back to school Organization series a lot of the purpose behind things I’m doing is to make her life easier for when school starts and to make it easier for her to be self sufficient.

She already is a very independent girl which is great. She’s almost 9 so there a lot of things she is able to make herself simple meals like sandwiches and heating up things for herself. She also can get herself snacks and drinks when she needs them. I want the kitchen to be more organized and functional so that she can find what she needs and put things away. Putting away dishes is going to be a new chore now that she’s in 3rd grade so I need to have a clear spot for everything.

So stay tuned for the reveal post which I’m hoping to publish on the blog Saturday. We will be busy with a dance recital all day on Saturday so I don’t want to commit 100% to publish that day. It will be some time this weekend though that way I can start on Week two next week.

Back to school organization Kitchen cabinets and drawers