Back to School Organization week one

I’m still doing my Back to School Organization Series and have finished Week one. Things got crazy busy so I haven’t been able to share my update till now. This series is so important to me though so better late than never and I need to make myself accountable. You blog readers might be the biggest reason I get things done. I say I’m going to do something on my blog and that makes me feel like I have to. As a reminder of this series. What I am doing is one by one tackling the five areas I think most impact Bella during school and getting them organized and ready for the new school year, which starts in August!

The five areas we are taking care of are

  • kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Bella’s clothes
  • Bella’s Bedroom
  • Bella’s Bathroom
  • Bella’s desk and art supplies

Back to School Organization week one

So for week one I focused on my kitchen drawers and cabinets. They were a mess and now they are not. So Week one was a success. So now let’s see what I did. Here are some before pictures to remind you what I started with.


Our food cabinet, no real order at all.


An example of just one overstuffed and chaotic drawer.

So I decided to tackle the drawers first and since the plan was to take everything out of them to clean them I thought what a perfect time to put new liner in. I went with a black and white pattern from Target that I found. I went through our drawers emptied them. Wiped them down ad then put back in what I was keeping.


So here’s that chaotic drawer from up above. Still pretty full but I put a plastic bin in to hold the baking tools in and then put things next to it. It helps things fit a little better.post2

Here’s our silverware drawer. It was pretty empty before I put dishes away so I took a picture so you can see the pattern.

I knew I had to come up with a solution for our food storage. I didn’t want to spend a lot and the one cabinet holding food was just not working anymore. We ended up with so much stuff being left out on counters. So I saw on Pinterest someone used a shoe organizer over a door to old small things. That would work because we have small little cupboard with a door that holds cleaning supplies, broom, mop, etc. So I got one of those. It holds a lot of things like drink mixes, snacks, baking supplies. Which gets them out of my cupboard making a lot more room for cans and boxes. It’s a good solution for now until one day I can have a kitchen with more room.

Our new over the door organizer. Still room to add a few things.

Now with less things and me throwing out expired food. There is a lot more room to store things.

I also went through our other cupboards and took out things we don’t need. Like extra cups,  mugs and plates. That way I can donate these things to people who can use them. One thing about having a small kitchen. You really don’t want to be using space for things you don’t need.

So there you have it. There is still work I can do in the kitchen. I need to purge a little bit more. I also want to change up under the sink. I wanted to get things to a more manageable level for back to school organization week one and I did. I also don’t want to spend much money on organizing during these five weeks. So for the kitchen I bought the over the door shoe organizer $10. The shelf liner, 2 rolls-$10 and above the stove I got a lazy suzan to put the most used spices on so it’s easier to reach them for $6. Not too bad at all.



I’, so glad to have gotten this organized and that I am doing this series. This week I am going to deal with Bella’s mountain of clothes. Really for an 8 year old she has more clothes than I have ever seen someone have. So stay tuned to the blog for week two coming up soon.

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