I feel like I am constantly involved in the social media and blogging world. Going on my personal and business Facebook accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and going through email. Also trying to figure out things to do for my blog. Whether that’s coming up with posts ideas, writing, learning something new, doing research. That it occurred to me that I don’t really get to read very many blogs lately. I started blogging because I liked reading blogs and wanted to get involved in the blogging community but now I find myself so busy in it that I haven’t been making reading blogs enough of a priority. Am I alone in this or has it happened to you too? It’s just between life, being a mother, wife and everything else the blogging time gets used up so quickly and it’s hard to balance it. I’m hoping that once school begins in a couple weeks I can get on a better schedule and fit in blog reading. This week though I’m going to try to make more of an effort to catch up on some blogs.