I think that when it comes to blogging the most important factor in your being able to grow and be successful is having  quality content. That is why this blogging tip is about why every blog post you write matters. Even in the beginning the quality of your posts matters.

Too often new bloggers don’t realize that they need to put their best work forward with each post. The habit in the beginning of blogging is to feel that no one is reading so the quality of the posts they write don’t matter as much. I wanted to write this post about why I think this is the wrong approach to blogging and why you should be writing every post as if thousands of people will be reading it from the very beginning.   

Why every blog post you write matters.



The reason for this blogging tip and why I think it’s important has a few parts. First being that your blog should matter to you whether you do it as a job or a hobby you should put your best work forward and try to do the best that you can. Have pride in the posts you are writing and sharing. You might not have been blogging for very long but what you write matters and it should be done well.

You never know how many people will read that post.

Also even though you may not have a lot of readers at this point if you keep working and growing your blog you may get to where you have thousands even millions of readers. They will go back through and find these old posts. I wrote this post on Parenting two months after I started blogging. At the time it was published I bet less than 15 people read it, maybe. Last year it was viewed thousands of times and was one of my most popular posts in 2014 even though it was written in 2012. The posts I’m writing today I work hard on because in a couple years they will hopefully have 10,000 + page views a year.

Things also go viral at times when you don’t expect it. I wrote this organization post in my first year of blogging two and half years ago. I don’t even write posts on organization anymore but in the last month this post went viral on Pinterest and I have had over 30,000 views of it over the last month. That is probably 10 times  the number of views I had on it the month i wrote it if not more. You just never know when the right person is going to share your stuff on Pinterest or Facebook and it’s going to take off.

You can always go back though and you will

To be honest with you yeah even though I was trying hard in the beginning looking back on those early posts now a lot weren’t very good but some were.  The thing was  I wrote from the heart and with passion so those are the posts that three years later I’m still proud of. Also now I am able to go back to some of those earlier posts and fix them up a little, add new information, new pictures and make them better.


So I want you to really try to make an effort to write your blog posts for the thousands that are coming and will read it in the future even if today only a handful do. Writing good quality posts and having a passion for your blog is what is going to attract readers to your blog and get these older posts seen eventually. The more you love your blog and what you write the better your posts will be and the faster you will grow.


The only way to do great work is to love what you do. #getinspired #inspiration