3 blogging tips I wish I had known years ago.

I am trying to grow my blog and become a better blogger everyday. I can tell that my number of followers is growing and that’s obviously a good sign but I love to share my blogging tips I wish I had known at the start that I learned  along the way. This June will be three years since I started this blog and I just can’t believe it’s been that long and how much I’ve grown and learned about blogging along the way. So I decided I want to do a post on what I wish I knew at the beginning that I know now. That way if you are a newbie out there reading this you can learn from what I didn’t know and if you’ve been doing this blog thing for a while you can still hopefully learn new blogging tips you don’t already know.

3 blogging tips I wish I had known years ago.

Blogging Tip #1

You need to know who you are targeting with your blog. Especially if you are planning on making your blog a business but even if you aren’t you need to know who you are targeting. So picture them in your head. This doesn’t need to be a I blog for women 20-30 who are single. I think it’s more helpful to have a target audience of who you think your blog will help. For me this has changed over three years a little bit but for now my target audience is women who typically are wives and moms. I also write to inspire and encourage women who want to improve heir lives by becoming better mothers, more organized, better bloggers. I just want to write for people who want to read positive and encouraging posts. I’m not typically teaching anything new but I’m doing it in a positive way.

Blogging Tip #2

You need to be providing quality posts. Yes over time you will become a better writer because if you end up doing this for years all that practice will help you become better. Even in the beginning of your blogging journey really try to focus on producing the best quality work that you can. This is where having a good idea of your target market comes in really handy. I look back at the posts from my first year of blogging and they are horrible at least like 80% of them. I didn’t really know who I wanted to be as a blogger and who I wanted to write for and I can tell that when I look back at it now. This past year or so I have been writing for specific topics and to my target audience and with more of my voice and it shows in the quality of my work. It also gets me more traffic to my blog because people are sharing my posts because they are actually good.

Blogging Tip #3

I just mentioned above finding my own voice and I have to tell you that is so important for you to do as a blogger. You are the only blogger that is you. So write like that and don’t try to be like any other bloggers. I learn from other bloggers, of course but I had to learn to write like me and no one else. That meant finding out what I was comfortable sharing and not sharing about myself and my life. Also it means what language and tone I choose to write with. As I mentioned I want this to be a positive and good place so I write only about things that make me happy. I might mention if I’ve had a bad week on occasion but you won’t come here and find post after post of me complaining or whining about things. I also am more funny in real life than I come across online because a lot of my humor is more sarcastic and I worry about it coming across wrong so I avoid it. I love funny bloggers but that doesn’t have to be me. So be who ever you are and stay authentic to yourself and what you want your blog to be.

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