Favorite Christmas tradition

As a child one of our Christmas traditions was to decorate Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. My two younger sisters and I would load up Sugar cookies with way too much frosting and sprinkles and end up eating probably more than we put on. There are old VHS tapes of these adventures at my mom’s house but we only filmed it and didn’t take pictures so for this part of the post I have nothing to show you.

 Favorite Christmas tradition

My sister and I both have children and have decided to carry on this cookie decoration tradition with our kids. Sometimes we have all been together to do this, some Christmases I’m with my husbands family and my sister has moved so it will probably be awhile before all the kids can do it together again. The point is that it was a tradition that we both enjoyed from growing up that we carried on with our own families. I wouldn’t be surprised if with my other sister has a family of her own she does it as well.

 326 (2)

My husband and daughter doing cookies last year


366 (2)

my sister, her husband and their son, my little nephew

374 (2)

my other sister and our niece


376 (2)


my daughter showing off her work

christmas 017 (2)

Here she is with her aunt Kerry, we alternate Christmas eve with my family and my in-laws and this is my husband’s sister

christmas 022

Sprinkle mania!

I wish I could find more photos of us doing cookie decorating since we’ve been doing it since she was two.

The cookies end up so sickly sweet that I just take a bite or two, to show that Santa tried them but sugar cookies, with an inch of frosting and sprinkles becomes overwhelming

What are some of your Family traditions?