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How to Finally be Clutter-Free

A simple to read guide to make your home be clutter-free:
  • Do you wish your home could be a more peaceful and organized place? 
  • Must-follow tips on What to declutter and What you can get rid of today
  • Ready to have less chaos and more peace in your home? 

Start getting organized today! 

A year ago we moved from our house where we lived for 45 years. Thankfully my grandchildren wanted a lot of my treasures.Being in the apartment and being a compulsive organizer,I am happy to humbly admit that my place is 90% organized and DECLUTERED. Now, it so much easier to keep house.Thanks for all your advise!


In The Book, You Will Discover:

the steps to get your family involved

You aren’t the only one living in the home so you need to make sure your family is involved in the process of decluttering and getting organized. Kids will be more likely to help if they get to be part of the plan. 

How to overcome past decluttering problems

Have you tried to declutter and get organized in the past and were unsuccessful? This book will help you figure out why your efforts haven’t worked before so that this time you can succeed.

The first step in my decluttering process

When you make the decision to get your home in order and get organized it can be overwhelming at first.Let me show you what I have found to be the first step in the be clutter-free process. 

how to set things up to 

continue being organized

Once you get your home decluttered and have purged most of what you don’t need. You will need to set up systems so that you don’t end up making the same errors and get overwhelmed by clutter again. 

About the Author: Karissa Ancell 

Hi I’m Karissa! I started my blog A Fresh Start on a Budget back in June of 2012! I started my blog to help moms like me lead a simpler and better life. I never imagined that all these years later I’d still be blogging!  

When I started my blogging journey I also began a journey towards being a more organized person. After years of living with so much clutter these last few years I have discovered how good it feels to be living with less clutter. It inspired me to write this book to help others discover the joy of decluttering.

How to Finally be Clutter-Free: Your guide to getting rid of clutter and getting organized!

75 Pages of helpful decluttering information

All the information you need to know to start getting organized and decluttered today packed into a quick and easy to read ebook. 

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