Dealing with Money in 2015

Dealing with Money in 2015


I Want to be real with you all. It’s important for me as a blogger to have my blog reflect the real truth of my life and not just a candy coated version. So here it goes,me being open and vulnerable.  I hate worrying about money and it is something I do way to much of. This is the last year of that though. I want to go into 2015 with a new attitude when it comes to money. Our financial situation is a little better. This blog is making a little money which helps me support the blog and even have a little extra money for me which is amazing. My husband found a second part time job. So our monthly income has almost doubled. I’m going to start driving again in February. I haven’t been driving because after the stroke it was giving me really bad anxiety but one of his jobs might move my husband to full time if he can work mornings and open. Someone needs to take our daughter to school so I will have to manage my anxiety for that short round trip. I still don’t want to do freeways or long trips. I can have a seizure come on out of nowhere and don’t want to be on a busy freeway if it happened. Luckily the road to school is not really crowded. Him going to full time would mean he’d only have to work one job and still get insurance, which I wrote about how important that is to me here

One of the reasons that money has been such a struggle for my husband and I is that we don’t keep our finances very organized. So bills get lost and paid late which leads to late fees which makes things worse. So Money organization and paper organization is very high on the list right now. So my money priorities are make a budget and get a money organization system in place. We should have been doing this already but we haven’t been and I know that is why we can never seem to get ahead. I blamed it on being young but now that I’m 30 and we are both in our 30’s it’s time to start being more of a grown up. As much as that’s not fun. 

This past year we’ve cut our bills down a lot but in 2015 I need to make and really stick to a budget. I have some money books that I’m going to read over the next few weeks and get some new tips from the experts. I want to do things right this year. Get some savings, stop living paycheck to paycheck and start really growing my business. I want to feel free from a lot of the stress that not having money brings. I’m excited about this and know that it’s going to be a lot of work to adjust to new ways of doing things but in the end it will be so worth it. If you want to learn how to start growing your own blog and making money sign up for one of my free 30 minute goals we can talk about your goals and hopefully work together to grow your blog or business in 2015. As I have done in the past I will also post budgeting tips I learn and they are under the Home Management tab. 

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