Today is Father’s day. I am blessed that I had a dad who wanted to be in my life and loved me. Of course he wasn’t perfect and as a parent now myself I understand that no mom or dad is perfect. I also married a man who loves to be a dad. I am glad my little girl gets to know that she is loved and wanted by her dad. Through many childhood and psychology classes I took while I was a preschool teacher I am aware of how important a father is in a child’s live.

I know of too many kids and adults whose father’s don’t or didn’t want to be in their lives. That makes me so sad and sorry for them that they are missing a dad in their lives. It also makes me sick to think of all these sorry excuses for men out there who father children and then back out of the responsibility of loving and caring for them. I am just grateful that I have a dad and that my daughter has a dad. Here is a little girl who knows she loved by her daddy