Today is the last day of Blogtober! It’s a Halloween post. I’m not posting my daughters costume till after I take her out Trick or treating but U=I wanted to do a post on this costume issue I’m disturbed by. 





Have you read this article about costumes? Check it out here?  

 I have a daughter who is 8 and is tall for her age. She is already wearing a large in children’s sizes due to her height. I just can’t imagine her ever wearing these types of costumes. I figured that I had at least till her teens before I had to worry about this issue but these tween costumes will probably fit her next Halloween an 9. I’m nor  old walking around in short skirts, belly exposed or non existent chest showed off. She won’t even have gone through puberty why would these costumes be made to look like this for children? Why am I going to have to go out of my way to find non sexual costumes for my child because she won’t fit child sizes anymore? Tween sizes should be more like slightly grown up children but not like sexy teens. 


Luckily this year she was pretty modest.  Here’s one of this year’s costume. I’ll post more this weekend. 


I know there are costumes out there that are appropriate and as her mom I will make sure she’s in one of those. It just makes me sad that clearly so many people allow there children to wear costumes like this that they sell them. 

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