I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! We were busy all day and then trick or treating left me exhausted. The husband and I had a parent teacher conference in the morning and there was no school for Isabella. So she went to my moms while we talked to her teacher. She’s doing really well so far in 2nd grade. Her teacher wants her to improve her penmanship so we got her a notebook so she can journal at home to have more writing practice. 

Then we went to Target to pick up some stuff. I have been hating my hair lately so I wanted to color it. My husband likes red so I said I would look. I found a red I liked my daughter wanted a brighter red, I’m not too picky about my hair so I went with her choice. We went home, I did my hair, I like the color. My daughter had never seen Hocus Pocus and they had it at Target so we got that too, She thought it would be scary, since witches but she ended up really liking it. Then we got ready to go get some candy. 


My little pink Power Ranger


Here’s a picture of my new hair color


Her goofy little face. 


My dad answering the door at my grandma’s he yelled to scare Bella but only ended up scaring the dog. 


Taking a bunch of candy from Nana’s bucket. 



Me and my silly girl.