How i schedule my Pinterest quickly and easily. A boardbooster tutorial

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I am a huge  fan of Pinterest. Learning how to use this platform correctly and strategically has grown my blog traffic so much over the last couple years. The problem was that I was spending so much time on Pinterest. I love it but there are so many things to do as a blogger. So I needed to figure out how to schedule my Pinterest more effectively. 

There are two popular Pinterest scheduling tools Tailwind and Boardbooster.  I have used both of these schedulers and while they are both good tools. My personal favorite is Boardbooster so that is what I use and have been using for about a year or so now. It’s how I schedule my Pinterest quickly and easily. 

How i schedule my Pinterest quickly and easily. A boardbooster tutorial

Why it’s so helpful to use a scheduler

There are a few reasons why using a scheduler is important and you should give it a try. First, in order to be seen on Pinterest, you need to be active. The Pinterest algorithm decides what pins get shown to people. If you want your pins to be shown often to your followers you need to be consistently pinning. 

You can do this manually but it can take a lot of time. I see the best results on Pinterest when I am Pinning around 100-150 pins a day. That is a lot of pins for me to do manually each day. I also would end up forgetting or getting too busy and miss a lot of days. 

This amount varies based on how big your following is and the quality of your pins. I’ve found that 100-150 is my sweet spot. With about 20% my own content and 80% other content that I’m repinning. You want to create boards that are full of great, helpful and awesome pins. That way people want to follow you. 

With Boardbooster this isn’t a problem because my pins are scheduled and pin throughout the day without me worrying about it. 

The second reason to use Boardbooster to schedule your pins is because of the looping feature.This is one of my favorite features of this scheduler and why I prefer it to any others. I will share how to use looping and what it does in this post. 

The beauty of using Boardbooster is that through scheduling pins you will be consistently active on Pinterest, your pins will be seen more by your followers. This will grow your traffic and your Pinterest following will skyrocket. I am now art 53,000 Pinterest followers and attract new ones. I started 2016 with 23,000 so I have more than doubled my followers this year. 

The best part I can schedule a months worth of pins in an hour or two and then not have to worry about it. Let me show you how. 

How I schedule my Pinterest quickly

So now that I have explained why I use Boardbooster and that by using this scheduler, especially the looping feature I have been able to grow my Pinterest a lot in 2016 and that Pinterest has helped me grow my blog and traffic a lot and it continues to do so. So I wanted to show you how I schedule my Pinterest quickly with Boardbooster so that you can know how to use it yourself. 

How to use Boardbooster

Here is a look at what comes with your account on Boardbooster. 

First head over to and sign  up for an account. This is a paid program but you can get an account for as low as $5 a month and that will give you 500 pins. If you are just starting to grow your Pinterest you will be able to do a lot with those 500 pins a month. I have a need for more pins since I aim for around 100 pins a day.

I’m spending about $30 a month but this is the number one way I’ve been growing my blog this year. This traffic growth has made it so I have started making an income each month from my blog. 

So totally worth it for me!


Using the scheduler feature

The two main features of Boardbooster are the scheduler and looping. I want to show you both and explain how to use them and why. 

Here is the scheduler. You use the scheduler to pin new pins or repins to your boards. This allows you to pin throughout the day and not all at once when you get the chance to go on Pinterest. You have secret boards that you fill that you then schedule to pin to the main boards. 

So for each of these boards, you see in the image  below Becoming more productive, Best of Blogland, etc. I fill a secret board with content I want scheduled to pin. Then Boardbooster pins them. I schedule what hours I want them pinned. 

You can also use the scheduler to post to group boards. That way you remember to be adding good content to those boards. I don’t do this with all the group boards I am in but with a few of the most helpful boards that do well. 

How to schedule your Pins on Pinterest

What is looping and how to use it 

If you’ve been pinning on Pinterest for awhile your boards probably have hundreds if not thousands of pins in them. Those pins you pinned when you were first on Pinterest were probably great pins but your newer followers didn’t see you pin them because they weren’t following you yet. 

This is the beauty of looping. Looping takes pins at the bottom of these boards repins them to the board so people see them. Then Boardbooster goes through and deletes the pin that has fewer repins. Usually, the pin that gets deleted is the older pin because you had fewer followers when you pinned it and it didn’t get seen or repinned by a lot of people. 

How to schedule your Pins on Pinterest

I use the looping feature the most and it is the reason my following has grown so much. My boards are constantly being looped and so there are new pins being shown to my followers all the time. I also am getting to pin over a hundred pins per day but most of them are from pins I’ve already pinned over time and that are looping. 

This saves me so much time because instead of having to find all new pins I am looping through bog boards I’ve already created and shared those pins again. 

There are other great features with Boardbooster as well. They give you a lot of great stats to show you when is the best time to be pinning on your Pinterest based on when your followers are engaging with your pins. This is very helpful information. Plus it shows you reports on how all of your boards, including group boards, are  performing. This helps me know which boards I need to work harder on and which group boards are not worth the time. 

You can also use their PinDoctor which where for a penny a pin they will go through your pins and find broken link and duplicate pins. This will help make your boards healthier. With no duplicate pins or bad pins.

I don’t use this feature often but I have and it’s amazing how many bad pins it ends up finding. If I went through all my pins on my own it would take forever. I have 29,000 pins in my boards. You can select what pins it cleans up to, I wouldn’t have to do all my pins at once. Maybe a few boards at a time. 

If you want to learn more about how I’m growing and improving my Pinterest and gaining traffic so you can do so as well. You can click the image below and sign up for my free course.