The one household task I think helps the most


Today my blog prompt is to share with you one thing I do that improves my life. That way maybe you can start doing it to improve your own. Sine the majority of my day is at home and working on my blog I have noticed that one trick that seems simple but helps me be more productive is the simple household task of getting the dishes done. I don’t like doing the dishes and it was the chore I dreaded the most growing up but I have found that getting them done makes my day go smoother. 

The one simple household task I think helps the most

I think it’s because I go in the kitchen a million times a day to get a drink, to get a snack, our door is in the kitchen so to answer the door and we have a really tiny kitchen. So when there are dirty dishes everywhere the kitchen quickly feels overwhelming and chaotic. When it’s like that and I go in I feel overwhelmed and chaotic. So going in and out all day getting hit with that feeling drains my energy  leaving me not wanting to work. 

So if I just take a little time and get them all done and wipe the counters I can go in and out of the kitchen all day and not get hit with those yucky feelings. So it’s worth the time to do it to have a more positive and productive day.

Maybe for you it’s not the dishes. Maybe it’s having a messy desk or bag, or making the bed. Examine your day and see if there is one little task that if you did would make you less stressed. Having a made bed, laundry done, organized purse, etc. Give it a try and see how it helps. I have days where I don’t get to the dishes and I notice it just isn’t as good of a day. So there’s a small tip to increase your mood and help you be more productive. 

It was all about finding that one simple household task that I could do in 20 minutes that makes a big impact. Everyday I might not be able to get a lot done around the house. Some days it may be almost nothing. If I can get the dishes done though and wipe down the counters it makes a huge difference. 

So what’s your one thing that you could do to increase productivity in your life and business? Try to find 20 minutes in your day and do that one thing and see if it makes a difference.