What to you like to do to get away and unwind? I was asked to think on this question by Vegas.com as part of their National Stress awareness month.


In my family Vegas was one of the places that we went a lot during my childhood when my parents needed to get away from things. It was in driving distance, when you have three kids like my parents buying plane tickets could get expensive and one of my dads favorite things to do is gamble. Us kids would get to go to the pool and the arcades while my dad was in the casino. I have also gone to Las Vegas as an adult. My parents took my husband and I their for my 21st birthday. We stayed at the Treasure Island Hotel and because it was my birthday they upgraded my room which was nice. My parents took us to a Cirque show which I loved. A few years later when our daughter was almost three we went back with my husband’s family and we knew someone who worked for Cirque so we got to see another show.


me and my little baby when she was 2 1/2.


The last time we were there in 2009 was with family so it would be more relaxing just the two of us.

This summer is our tenth wedding anniversary and I’m thinking we might go stay a couple nights in Vegas, find another show we want to see and relax. Our daughter will be with her grandparents so we could go relax, maybe get a massage, go to the pool and enjoy our anniversary. If we really did something special I’ve always wanted to go in s helicopter and I know they do tours to the grand canyon and that would be a lot of fun. There is also a lot of great hotels I’ve never stayed in. There are so many things to do there.  We have a couple months to decide but I think it’s a real possibility and something that could be fun to do.

So what do you to to unwind when stressed? Have you ever been to Las Vegas?