Laundry can now be easier

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Oh Laundry, if you’ve read my blog before you might already be aware that laundry is my enemy when it comes to housework. I hate doing it and always have and it’s one of the tasks that’s become a lot harder on me physically after my stroke. All the lifting and carrying really wears down my body a lot faster now. Our laundry is in a separate shed outside so it’s not close to the bedrooms so all that walking back and forth with baskets is a lot for me. The good news is that it’s a little better now thanks to the fact that I have another helper. Now that Bella is almost nine and in third grade she can do a lot of it and be a big help. Here are the five tasks that she can do including the newest one that we just mastered.

Laundry can now be easier

1. For awhile now putting her dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket is her responsibility. She’s gotten better at it as she’s gotten older but she’s still not perfect at it. That’s fine though, I want her to learn responsibilities but I never expect perfection from her. She has a habit of leaving her dirty socks every where, wherever she happens to take them off so I ask her to take them to the basket. It’s a learning process.

2. Purging our clothes, especially Bella’s. She has more clothes than her dad and I combined. So a couple times a year we purge things that don’t fit or are damaged. I use to do this on my own but now that she’s older she helps with this part of it too. We go through her clothes and she picks out what doesn’t fit. I help of course to make sure she actually is putting things that don’t fit aside. I try to keep her amount of clothes more manageable by going through it on occasion.

3. Carrying baskets. With my limited use of my arm, carrying basket after basket down to our laundry room is a struggle. Luckily most of the time Bella is happy to help out. She doesn’t mind carrying a basket occasionally and other than the really big basket they are all light enough even when full for her to carry.

4. Over the last year she has also started being responsible for putting her clothes in her drawers. I still fold them because her folding skills usually are not great and her way of folding doesn’t work for fitting much clothes in her drawers. So I will fold them and make little piles and she puts them in her drawers.

5. Finally recently we’ve been able to add one more task Bella can do on her own. The one thing Bella couldn’t do was start a load. Luckily she’s really tall so she’s now able to start a load. We went over the buttons and how to start a load. I just have her dad throw in a pod.

Thanks to Gain Flings I feel better about my husband helping now.He was a non measurer with liquid soap, he even told me that he just poured till he felt like it was enough. I was shocked, who does that?  That’s what I love about the flings and Tide Pods. No measuring! Now he can throw in a pod and she can push start.

I think it’s good for kids to do chores and to learn how to do these things. Mine can do a lot as she’s gotten older and I can’t wait till she’s old enough to hang up and fold and put away her clothes. . If only I could get her to do mine and her dads too. I don’t think she will agree to that but I can dream of never having to do laundry  right?