This past weekend I went to the Women Get Social Blog conference put on by Tiffany and Francesca from thesitsgirls. It was my first conference and to say that I was nervous about it is an understatement. I was terrified. See I walk the line between shy and outgoing. In new situations I get very shy and insecure but once I get into it and get comfortable I have a good time. I also get nervous about being in new places where I don’t know the layout going in. With my disability I sometimes have trouble if there are stairs or tight spaces and not having been to the hotel it was at before made me scared.

I really wanted to go though so I knew I had to just fight through the fear. It also helped that one of my blogger friends Neely had gone to a conference put on by them before so on our drive there I was messaging her on my phone to help calm myself down.  Friday was the first day and we had assigned tables which helped because I knew where to go and didn’t feel weird not knowing anyone going in. Also the first day we moved to a new table after each speaker, that gave us a chance to meet a lot of new people and exchange cards.

Let me tell you if you are thinking about going to a conference but are unsure I really suggest you go for it. In two days I learned more than I ever thought possible.  I have spent all week so far trying to digest all the info I received.  So it was worth it to be brave and put myself out there. I met some great women and am starting to make some new connections.


important message to learn.

So I hope to really make some great improvements with my blog and how I use social media.  One thing I realized was that I needed to price my sponsor spots differently and how to do a better job with the people who are wonderful enough to sponsor my blog. So check out the changes I made in the my sponsor section here. Also if you want to sponsor use the code March for 30% off any ad space.


learning about how to better use Facebook.


I learned a ton about how to use Social Media more effectively and build up my readership.  It was also great to be around other bloggers, people who understand the world of blogging and what goes into it. Non bloggers can sometimes have a hard time understanding the blog world and exactly what goes into it. Tiffany and Francesca were both extremely nice and welcoming to everyone and made it very comfortable. It was a great first conference and it made me want to find more to go to.