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  • How to Have the Organized Life you Crave Challenge: If you want a fast-course in how to get organized, start here. I created this email challenge a little while ago, but all of the principles still hold true! It focuses on all the parts of how to get your home organized so that you can have the home you desire.
  • Over 80 Things you can declutter today: Want to have less stuff in your home? To not have closets and drawers and shelves bursting with things you don’t need? Check out this list of over 80 thins you can declutter today.
  • 7 Tips for Saving Money for Christmas: This is one of my most popular posts and it’s no surprise. Christmas can be so expensive and that gets stressful. These 7 steps will have you spending less during the holidays!

You can also check out the Table of Contents for a list of all our content by date. Blogs are unlike print material because they are growing constantly, so this is a great place to find an archive of everything on this site.

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My goal is to tell you about legitimate, practical, non-gimmicky ways to help you save money in your everyday life. I am passionate about living simply and frugally, and I strive to help my readers do the same.

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  • Organization and decluttering tips: We publish multiple posts each day highlighting dealscoupons and freebies we can confidently recommend to my readers. We do our very best to post only legitimate offers that provide a real benefit for you. If you’d like to receive these updates for free in your inbox, you can subscribe here.
  • Money-Saving Ideas:: We frequently post about creative ways to save money, including everything from meal planning advice and frugal family activities to budget-friendly fashion ideas and freezer recipes.
  • Personal Posts from Me:: In addition to my regular posts on how to create a more organized and happy life.  I try to write more personal posts. These posts include my goals, glimpses into my life, books I’m reading, recipes I’m making, inspirational thoughts, and more! (You can find even more personal posts on my Instagram account!)

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  • Take the free challenges: I have found that doing an email challenge is a great way to focus in on one area that I want to improve in my own life. Which is why I’ve created a few for you. If you want to have the organized life you crave this challenge is for you. Looking to be more productive? Take the productivity challenge.
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