We first did this no spend month challenge in our family in 2014. It helped us get our spending back on track. So this August we are doing it again. So I’ve updated this post from 2014 and after our 2017 no spend month challenge. I will share how we did this time. Cutting back on unnecessary spending isn’t always easy but it became a habit last time. The hope is that this new no spend month will get us making better money choice and making better decisions. The only new category I’m adding to what we can spend money on is any back to school expenses like a hair cut for Bella and a few pieces of back to school clothes.  

How we had a no Spend month to save money- the first week


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After doing some research on budgeting and money and really taking a look at where our money goes. I came up with a plan. My family and I are doing a no spend month for August.

While looking over our bank statement I came to the realization that way too much money was going towards dining out, buying things we don’t need from places like Target, splurging on outings, etc. So for the month of August, all of that stuff is off limits.

Now things like bills will be paid because they have to whether I like it or not and I’m setting a budget for gas and groceries because we need food and my husband has to get to drive to work. I’m hoping to only spend $400 for the month on gas and groceries. We haven’t ever attempted this before so this is my best estimate of what we will spend.

So to summarize,

Included in our budget:



Not included

-rent and bills

-doctor visits


What I hope to change:

No more fast food or running to grab something for a snack. All our meals will be prepared at home and we will get better at planning to bring snacks with us if we go somewhere. No more impulse buys like books for me, movies for my husband and little toys for Bella. We all have plenty and we need to make do with what we have.

So I’m a little nervous to see how we do but I’m excited at the same time. I will be posting weekly updates to keep me on track and to let you all know how it’s going.

Challenge Updates:

Week one

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