My spring cleaning bug is on full force now. I’m scouring organizing and cleaning blogs and Pinterest looking for my favorite things to try and the best tips. I will blog about my finds after I have completed more projects. Right now my main goal is just trying to stay on top of keeping things picked up. Keeping the kitchen cleaned up and dishes done, laundry managed (it doesn’t ever seem to be fully done) working on getting Bug ( my nickname for Isabella) to help pick up after herself. I know that if I don’t keep things at least tidy I won’t have the time to work on other projects. Our home is pretty small so very quickly it goes from OK to complete mess. 
Some of my ideas and projects for cleaning and organizing can be found here on these Pinterest Boards of mine.
Though to be honest with you this cupboard doesn’t look so organized anymore. Need to tidy up that area again. 
Where do you need to do some organizing??
Are you naturally organized or is it something you struggle with
I love the idea of organizing. I admire people who are naturally tidy and organized but it doesn’t come easily to me. I wish that it did but it is something I have to work for and think about.