I realized that I get the same questions over and over again about who I recommend and what products I use… to make it easier, I figured I’d stick all of them here for you to see easily. Likely if you came here looking for one thing, you’ll leave with three or four more. You’re welcome. 

My goal with A Fresh Start on a Budget is to always serve you in giving you the best advice to take care of your money and home. Products that are featured are only chosen if I believe that they help me in that mission despite any affiliate commission.

Every product or service featured has been field tested by me. 

While there are products and services featured here that have no affiliate partnership, it should always be assumed that any link on is an affiliate link as we constantly seek to create partnerships where one isn’t currently offered with products or services that I recommend to you.

Do you use a product or service not mentioned that saves you time and money? I would LOVE to hear about it! You can email me at to tell me about it!

My Recommendations

(If you’re a blogger looking for recommendations… skip to the next section).

Target Red Debit Card and Target Subscribe

The Red Card really confuses people but it’s a great deal if you understand it. It’s a debit card but think of it more like a check you can only use at Target. You sign up for the Red Debit Card and they give you 5% back on every purchase at Target (you can only use the card at Target).

It’s a great way to save a little extra when you go to Target and it comes right out of your checking account.

You can use this online and combine it with the 5% savings you get for subscribing to auto shipments of your home staples online.


This free app that gives you rebates for generic brand purchases at the grocery store is a no-brainer way to save money


I use Groupon to get great deals at local restaurants, fun experiences, and travel. It’s I just started using this in the past year and am impressed with all the available deals.


I started using Honey this year. It searches for and tries discount codes when you are shopping online.

Blogging Tools I love

No matter where you are in your biz there are tools that can obliterate hours of work every week and save you thousands of dollars from having to hire tasks out that fall beyond your skill set. 

To make sure you don’t end up with a budget sucking stack of pricey resources you don’t need (been there, done that), I’m pulling back the wine stained drop cloths to give you unfettered access to my business’s toolbox. I’m constantly updating this list with new tools my biz can’t live without so it’s always a current snapshot of my latest and greatest arsenal of geeked out goodies. Do yourself a favor and pin or bookmark this page so it’s handy when you need it, because a toolbox is only useful if it’s at arms reach!  

Full Disclosure: Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a little pot of gold at the end of your checkout rainbow BUT, rest easy because my ethics are NOT for sale! I pinky promise to ONLY include tools I use and absolutely love. No ifs, and, or butts about it – you have my word.

Website platform


 My #1 recommendation for anyone wanting to start a blog. There are so many reasons why WordPress is superior, but the main reason is because of it’s plasticity. You can do pretty much anything with WordPress given the right tools and know-how. More importantly, as your blog grows, you’ll never outgrow WordPress. here…





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