Quick and easy kitchen organization for free
Simple organizational ideas are my favorite tasks to do around the house. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on big projects. Here is a simple organization project i did in the kitchen . I never think I have enough plastic containers to put leftovers in so I buy more. Then I did have enough so I end up with way too many. My kitchen is small so wasting so much space with all these containers was frustrating me.
Quick and easy kitchen organization for free
This is what I started with plus a drawer with lids in it. Out of control and hard to find anything.

Because the cabinet is really low I got my daughter to help me get everything out and put it on the dining room table. She didn’t mind helping even though she looks pretty annoyed in this picture. It’s also good for her to get involved in projects around the house and learn to help.

Here it is empty. I didn’t have any liner at home so I will save that project for another day. It’s not something anyone other than me really sees so it can wait.

Here is everything piled up on the table. I went through and through out things that didn’t have a match. Then stacked up things that were the same.

Here is the final project. I had the three big plastic tubs in my office not being used. Now its easy to pull out a big tub and get what I need.

The project took about twenty minutes, cost me nothing and solved a big organizational problem. It’s nice to have this cabinet looking good and everything easy to access. As I said these were  simple organizational ideas that I wanted to share. It will be something that helps keep the cupboards more organized and not waste space, I have very little space to begin with so this is a good thing.

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