10+ ways to boost your Instagram. How I'm using these Instagram tips to give my account a boost.

It took me awhile to get this second social media post of the summer series done. I did the Twitter post more than 3 weeks ago but life gets crazy and I just hadn’t gotten around to doing this post yet. I love going on Instagram and post fairly regularly but I mostly use Instagram for my personal life. If you follow me you will see lots of photos of my daughter and our pets, especially the puppy.

I haven’t really used it for my blog much. I know it can be a great tool for bloggers but I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to grow my followers or using it for my blog to the best of my ability. So this post has taught me a lot as well. I know it will help me to learn Instagram better. I love social media and can see my own area of weakness which Instagram is for me.  I know that Instagram has a huge amount of members that are on there everyday so getting my brand and blog on there will help me grow and be known better. It’s also one of the most popular social media channels for the younger and up and coming generation. It’s always a good idea to stay with or even ahead of trends if possible. So I’m going to take what I’ve learned in the posts and videos I found for this post and start growing my followers and using my Instagram as a blog and business tool.

10+ ways to boost your Instagram. How I'm using these Instagram tips to give my account a boost.

So let’s get started on improving our Instagram feeds. These 10 ideas will help you boost your Instagram.  Instagram is one of my favorite Social platforms. I hope that these 10+ ways to boost your Instagram  will be helpful and teach you new ways to grow and use your Instagram.

1. Using Push notifications


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5. Instagram Tips and Tricks 


 Choosing the right Instagram #hashtags for brands

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So are you on Instagram? What do you need to learn? Leave a comment and let me know.