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Wondering how you are going to pay for the upcoming holidays? I love Christmas and the whole holiday season but it can be stressful to pay for. That’s why I’m happy to share with you all this special deal from Ralph’s. 


Here’s the deal Starting 11/23 until 12/13 smart shoppers earn 40₵ off per gallon of fuel with the purchase any Gift Card at Ralphs

Gift cards are a great option for all the people on your shopping list. Gift cards work for everyone from family to friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Since this deal is on any gift card I’m positive you can find just the right one for the person on your list. How great is it that when you are buying gift cards you are also earning savings for when you need to go get gas. Which we all know is expensive. I’m sure with all the extra driving you are probably going to need to do this holiday saving money on gas is going to be especially helpful.
Here’s How:

    • Purchase any gift card at Ralphs
    • earn 40₵ off per gallon of fuel
    • Savings like this are a win/win
    • Find your local Ralphs here:

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So make this season a little easier and stock up on some gift cards as gifts and use this deal to help you save a little money when you fuel up your car. I know I will be.