spring cleaning challenge

This is it the year you’ve been waiting for. The time is right to get your life organized and under control once and for all. It’s going to be a lot of work for me as well. I say that I’m going to get things under control and finally get organized all the time. Then it doesn’t happen. Something comes up and life gets in the way and before I know it more time has passed and in that time more clutter has crept in and the to-do list is longer than before.

spring cleaning challenge 7 week challenge

Not anymore though I’ve had enough. This year my word of the year is fearless and I’m going to be fearless in my goal of tackling this home organization once and for all. I do better when I have a plan in place and some accountability so we are going to do this together.


I created this Free Printable for you to plan out each weeks room of the challenge. To help you

spring cleaning printable


So over the next seven weeks we are going to go through the main areas of our homes together and get things done for once and for all. The plan is to purge what we don’t need/want/use so that we have less and gain keep more organized and tidy.


I have put together this schedule of where I will be working each week. The plan is that on Monday of each week I will show you some pictures of of the week and then give an outline of what I plan to accomplish over the week.

Week 1: Kitchen

Week 2: Living room/Dining Room

Week 3: Master Bedroom

Week 4: Bathroom

Week 5: Kids Spaces

Week 6: Office and Papers

Week 7: Cars

So each week I will go through a five part system.

Step 1: Purge ( you want to get rid of as much as you can from the space. You want to decide to either keep, toss or donate everything in the room)


Step 2: Tidy ( Now that you know what you are keeping it’s time to tidy up the space and make sure things have homes. This is where I will be figuring out storage solutions and making sure the space is functional


Step 3: Clean ( Next comes the cleaning part where we break out the rags, cleaners, vacuum  mop etc. We want to make the space sparkle)


Step 4: Projects ( Not every room will have a step 4 but I want to leave the space in my plan to tackle little home improvement projects that I want to get done. Nothing major but little tasks that if I can do would be wonderful.
Step 5: Relax and enjoy ( Now that we’ve purged, tidied, cleaned and did some projects the room is done! Yes! So It’s time to enjoy the work that was done and how amazing it looks)


Your part in this challenge

Each week the plan is that on Friday I will share how I did with the challenge that week. What was accomplished of my list and what got done. I hope that many of you will follow along and work on your own spring cleaning projects over the next few weeks.

Then on Friday I will open up a linkup for you to share your own blog posts or images with us so that we can all support and encourage each other on this cleaning challenge journey. Week one will be starting Monday April 11th with the kitchen.