spring cleaning challenge Week 1-Kitchen

So let’s get to the  spring cleaning challenge of getting our homes clean for once and for all. I know I could do more than a room a week but I want to do more than just the basic cleaning so I’m giving myself the extra time to go through drawers and cupboards. Do some purging and decluttering as well as cleaning. So let’s go room by room and do some spring cleaning starting with the kitchen.

spring cleaning challenge Week 1-The Kitchen

I wish that I had the ability and finances to do some major improvements and upgrades to this kitchen. I hate it and there is so much that I want to do in here but for now the plan is to keep things simple and just focus on getting rid of things, organizing and doing some cleaning.

Kitchen pic

From my photos you will see that my kitchen is very tiny and really cluttered. I can’t do anything about the size. Unfortunately our home is small and until we can afford a new one I have to figure out how to make better use of my space. So we are going to go through the process room by room and get things in order. Starting with this Kitchen.

kitchen pic3

When I moved here years ago things just got put places without a lot of thought or planning. Some drawers and cabinets have been moved around over the years but many haven’t and now’s the time to find the best and most efficient places for tings based on how often I use the stuff in them and how I use the space.
kitchen picture


So here is how the process is going to go for these weekly challenges. On Mondays I’m going to share the space I’m working on, some pictures of the space in it’s current condition, share my plan if I know it before hand. Then on Fridays I will share the after photos and how the week went, what got accomplished and any tips I have. Then there will be a link up for you to share your own organization and home decor posts. Maybe even a giveaway some weeks.

I have created a printable to help with the panning of each room. You can print it out and fill in your plan each room as we get to them. I think this will help make things easier as you go through this spring cleaning challenge. I’ve got mine printed out and ready to use this week to get me started. 

spring cleaning printable