Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3- The Master Bedroom

This week the Spring cleaning challenge heads into the Maser Bedroom. I hate our bedroom, I have since we moved in. It’s very dark and when we moved in it came with the hideous wallpaper that we still have. It’s a large room but we have large furniture and too much stuff so the room seems stuffed and cluttered. 

I have a lot that I wish I could do but that would involve a lot of money and more time to get done than just this week. That’s the nice thing about doing a room a week. It forces me to get realistic with each room and start smaller projects that can be completed. 

So I’m coming up with things to do in one week that will help the bedroom look better and feel cleaner and more organized. 

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3- The Master Bedroom
bedroom 3

Our room is not too messy to be honest. I try to keep things semi tidy in the bedroom if possible. 
bedroom 5

See what I mean about the wall paper being ugly. We hate it and I am going to make sure that I figure out how to deal with it I’m hoping this summer. 


There is clearly some clutter that I’d like to deal with this week. Especially on those corner shelves. 

A Run down of my plan this week: 

Step 1: Purge: This is going to be huge in the bedroom. We have two closets that are full of things and I could probably cut it down by a third if not half. 

Step 2: Tidy: I need to store out of season clothing and get under the bins to store it. I also need to through our night stands and the big dresser get rid of things and organize more efficiently. 

Step 3: Clean: The shelves need dusting and I want to do a good cleaning of the carpets, including in the closets. 

Step 4: Projects:  There are so many projects I’d love to take on this week. I think the plan will be to paint the dresser, I also want to look into making a headboard for the bed. We tried taking down that awful wall paper last year but it is a pain. So I want to look into techniques to get rid of stubborn wallpaper. 

I also really hope to do some major work in our two closets. The goal is to get them cleaned and organized and only use things I already have. I don’t want to spend any extra money on the closets. 

Bedroom 2

Here is the first closet: one side is my daughters stuff and the other side my husband uses. 

bedroom 4

This is closet number two. My stuff and some of my husbands things are in here. 

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