The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week Master bedroom results Plus Week 4 Master bathroom

So let’s get caught up on this challenge. I got a bit behind with finishing up the master bedroom and I also need to start the Master bathroom cleaning and organizing that I’m focusing on this week. So I’m combining everything into one big post. So that I can be all caught up and back on track. With us on week 4 now we are more than half way through my seven week challenge.

I’m excited to say that I’m getting through it and now that I’m caught up I hope to stay that way for the remaining weeks. Doing this nice and slow. One room at a time per week has helped me stick with it and also get more accomplished. If I said I want to clean my whole house in a week or even a weekend I would start off strong get overwhelmed and frustrated and quit. 

Doing it this way might take a few weeks but it’s getting done. We are also doing projects that we have talked about for years but never made any progress with. I know we have gotten more accomplished in the past month than the last few years. 

The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week Master bedroom results Plus Week 4 Master bathroom

So on to the master bedroom reveal. The bedroom was mostly an issue of clutter and messy closets. Which we got taken care of. We also looked into how to deal with the ugly wall paper. It’s going to be a lot easier to paint it so we figured out what we need and chose a color. Hopefully this summer we can get it painted. Then I will share it on the blog. 

BEFORE: The shelves in the corner were really cluttered and also super dusty. It was a big mess and since it is on my side of the bed it was one of the first things I saw in the morning. 

bedroom 3

AFTER: I cleaned the shelves all off, wiped them down and got things straightened up. I also cleaned up and organized my nightstand including the drawers. 



BEFORE: Our main closet. We had way too many clothes in it and no order to them. It was just a lot of chaos going on in there. 

bedroom 4

AFTER: We each purged a ton of clothes from our sides. So much was in there that I didn’t wear or even like anymore so it was good to get rid of stuff. Same for my husband. So many shirts he had that he no longer like or were no longer in good condition. 

I also got those three bins to hold things like out of season stuff and purses. I hadn’t planned to spend anything in the closet but the bins were cute and only $5 a piece at Walmart. 



BEFORE: The other closet in the room was just an eye sore. Even it was nicely organized and tidy I still didn’t like the idea of our stuff on display at all times. The doors that are on them are also super unattractive. 

Bedroom 2

AFTER: So we decided to cover the closet up entirely. We hung curtains up over it and we can still get to our clothes but it looks so much nicer now. We picked up two packs of panels in a nice grey from Walmart they look really nice and really helps the room look nicer. 


So that’s how the master bedroom went. I still can’t wait to do some painting and make a headboard but that is more the decor’ stuff and this challenge was about cleaning and organization. It’s now cleaned up at least and we’ve made some decisions about upcoming projects. 

The master bathroom is the room of this week. Luckily it is pretty small and I don’t think it will take a lot of effort. I am just going to do a brief part of the post on what needs to happen in the bathroom. 


We don’t have much counter space so it gets messy fast and ends up looking like this pretty quickly. 


Other than the medicine cabinet above the sink this is really the only storage. I’ve organized in the past but as you can see it’s time to do so again. 


This shelving could also be used better so I want to figure out what do with this space as well. That’s basically it for the bathroom. It’s a tiny space.