The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4 reveal and the start of week 5

The bathroom spring clean up last week went well. It’s a tiny room so there wasn’t a ton to do. Mostly just going through products and tossing out old or expired things. The rest was wiping things down and doing the floors.

So after getting the bathroom done it is now time to move on to week 5 of the challenge. I am not excited about how much work this week is going to be. This week is kids spaces. I only have one kid but she still takes up a lot of space. She has her room, her bathroom, and a small play area. 

The Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4 reveal and the start of week 5

BEFORE: The counter was very cluttered and for such a small space that was making the room look awful. 


AFTER: Everything is organized and cleaned off. The counter has just what we need on it and nothing else. 



BEFORE: Our shelves in the bathroom. The only real storage in our bathroom.  



AFTER: I went through everything and got rid of things that were old, expired or I didn’t use.  It cleaned it out quite a bit. 



BEFORE: The shelving behind the toilet was not being used very well. I can’t believe how much space was not being used. 


AFTER: Now there is more being stored there and less in the cabinet or on the counter which is a lot better. 




So it’s so great to be done with another week of the challenge. Our home is really coming together and things are much cleaner and organized. The next space is Bella’s room and space. A lot of that will be purging clothes and toys she doesn’t need anymore. How do kids end up with so much?