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It’s Thursday! That means it’s time for a Take care of you Thursday post. I posted my 5 tips for cleaning awhile ago here. I thought it might be nice to expand on that and make an updated list on keeping clean organized for today’s post. These are just keeping the house tidy tips and not any of my organization systems I’ve put into place. I will share those a different day.


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1. My best tip and the one that helps me the most is to do a little cleaning everyday. Every night, well almost every I’m not perfect, I do a 20 minute or so clean up of the main living spaces in our home. I do dishes, pick up the kitchen. Throw away any trash and put all dishes around the house in the sink to wash. It’s not much but just having no dishes, trash and things picked up makes everything else easier to deal with.


2.  Everybody helps! I have really been trying hard to get all of us to pitch in with cleaning. On Sundays we will usually all clean for 30-45 minutes. Picking up the house, vacuuming and carpet cleaning if it needs it and working on bedrooms. During the week I try to remind my husband and daughter to pick up after themselves or everyone will pitch in for ten minutes and tidy up. I still do the majority of the cleaning but all three of us work towards picking up.  Isabella has gotten pretty good at remembering to pick up after herself and as she gets older she will have more responsibilities.

3.  If you have pets this one is a must, regularly vacuum, we vacuum every couple of days because our dog sheds like crazy and we have cats. Having fur on the floor makes the house feel messier so getting it cleaned up is a must.


4.  I just started following Melissa Maker from Clean my space and she has some great cleaning videos. I’m following her bedroom cleaning tips found in this video. My room needed a good clean, I forget to clean it is as often as I clean everything else.

5. More stuff out and less stuff in is the secret to organizing. I’m constantly trying to purge things from our house. I also make an effort to really think about things before I need them. I have a habit of buying things and then they just become clutter. I’m trying to get it to where we have less stuff because less stuff means less clutter.

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