A little post about Christmas

A little post about Christmas


Ten more days! Christmas will be here in 10 more days! I’m so excited. I love holidays. I always have but they are so much better when you have a child. I also just finished my Christmas shopping today, so yay me! Now I just have to wrap!

We already have celebrate with my husband’s mom’s side of the family. She came out from New Mexico for Bella’s dance performance so we did an early Christmas at my sister in laws. Bella got an American Girl baby doll that she just loves. She has carried her around everywhere since she got her so it’s so cute. 

We also went up, well Bella and I did Blake had to work, to Blake’s grandparents house. They live a couple hours away so we went with my sister in law and niece. Bella had a great time a lot of the cousins have kids so that was fun for her. 

What I’m looking forward to. 

1. Christmas #1 will be at one of my grandma’s hopefully this weekend. She had surgery a few days ago on her gallbladder we have to see how she’s feeling. It’s just a quiet little Christmas. My parents, great-grandma, grandparents, my little family and my sister and her fiance. 

2. Celebrating my sister’s engagement this Christmas will be fun since it’s so brand new. 

3.  Christmas Eve we are going to my parents decorating cookies for Santa. My daughter will go super heavy on frosting and sprinkles like she does every year and poor Santa will have to try to eat a bit of them. We also get to open one present Christmas eve. 

4. I will wait till the last minute to finish wrapping, I shouldn’t but I know I will. Do you get wrapping done early? I mean to but I never do. 

5. Christmas is super busy. open gifts at home, go to my parents open gifts there with them and one grandma then dinner with my dad’s side of the family at my Nana’s. 

6. I get most excited over what Bella gets, especially when I know ahead of time and know she’s going to be so excited. She’s getting a bike from someone this year and has been wanting one so she’s going to be thrilled. 


So what are you excited about for the Holidays? What are your Christmas plans?