The most important thing you need to consider when it comes to owning your business

Today I’m doing a blog prompt from the #feelgoodblogging course I’m in and I have to write a post about something I’m really passionate about. So here I go. 

The most important thing you need to consider when it comes to owning your business

Many of you own your own business or would like to and that is a wonderful thing and I support you doing that 100%. Whatever your dream job is either for yourself or for someone else, there is one thing that matters so much for everyone. You need to have health insurance. 

It makes me crazy when people don’t have health insurance. I understand it can be expensive especially if you own your own business and don’t have an employer paying for part of it but it’s so important. You never know when something could happen and you’ll need it. 

I’ve heard people say but I’m young or I’m healthy. I never go to the doctors so I don’t want to spend money on something I won’t really use. 

They are so wrong. We had health insurance through my husbands work and thank goodness for it. In 2009 my husband was in an accident and we had to find out what caused it. So we had tons of dr visits and testing done. He was only 26 and it turned out to be epilepsy. He was pretty healthy before that. So all those tests and appointments cost us very little because of our insurance. So we really knew the importance at that point because we couldn’t have afforded the thousands it would have cost out of pocket. 

Then one year later I have a stroke. I was hospitalized for a month. A week of that in ICU and dozens of tests done. My insurance allowed me to be in a great hospital, with great doctors which was so important. I also had months of rehabilitation. We added it all up what it would have cost without insurance and it was well over a million dollars. 

So I was young only 25, a non smoker, very occasional social drinker with no medical history of problems. It happened to me it could happen to anyone. It happened to both my husband and I back to back in our 20’s being healthy. 

So it’s so frustrating to hear of people thinking medical insurance is not important. It could not be more important. It’s one of those things where when you don’t need it it feels not important but you are going to be so grateful for it when you do need it. I mean over a million dollars if medical bills. That’s insane to think about. 

So despite the cost you need to consider paying for insurance. Do your research and find a plan that will cover you and your family for a price you can afford. My husband continues to work at his job because of the insurance. When and if he changes jobs it will only be for a job that will provide insurance to us it is a nonnegotiable and so important, almost more so than pay.