six fun home organization projects
An update of an older post with a few minor changes.
six fun home organization projects
School starts for my Kindergartner on August 26thand I start the same week. That gives me less than two months to get stuff ready so we can start school off on the right foot. I have written out my top 6 projects I want to get done, a picture of an inspiring area and a link to where that can be found.
11.  An art area for her. I need an area where all of her art supplies and school supplies can be kept organized and easily within her reach. Right now they are spread out everywhere and she constantly needs help finding things
22. My desk. I need a place where I can spread out my school supplies and not have them get lost.
33. Reorganize the fridge and cupboards so making lunches in the morning is fast and easy. Also so she doesn’t need my help every time she needs a snack. Now that she’s older she can reach higher but I need to organize her snacks better.
44.    Make a family schedule so we can fit in schools, jobs, housework, Dance  for Bella and whatever else needs to be done. I keep most of my stuff in Google calendar but having a displayed one would be nice.
55.Organize my crafting supplies. I have some projects I want to work on for the blog but my supplies are in total chaos.
66.    Make an entryway area. In my home you enter through the kitchen so I need to make a space right when you turn into the dining room/ living room area to put backpacks, lunchboxes, keys, purses, etc. That way we save time not having to search for everything.