Today I am playing catch up. This last week I have really been unproductive and it is starting to show in my blog and in my house. So today I’m cleaning and blogging. Yesterday was a play day. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s that you at least enjoyed your Saturday. My husband and I went to see the Imitation game and then had dinner at Chilis and then we went to Target. I love Target. Target loves me. My husband does not love my love affair with Target. I allegedly spend too much there. I disagree, I do not spend enough.


My kiddo got me these lovely flowers. The blessing of having a mom who is a florist. Bella paid in hugs and kisses for my flowers which she picked out, and the vase and ribbon she picked out and my mom just arranged it.


I got a lady bug plant holder with plant,which I will make every attempt not to kill,from my husband. I’m going for a black and White with a bit of red as my colors in the living room. So I love this.


Now that we are through Valentine’s it’s time to start thinking spring content and posts for Mother’s Day and Easter. So get ready for some of those posts coming your way. So if you have any good Easter or Mother’s Day posts that I can use in a round up ( I will link them to you so traffic will come your way) Send them to me at I want to include the best from other bloggers. The more we work together and collaborate the more traffic for all of our blogs.

I’m doing a lot of blog maintenance this week. My about page and contact me page need to be updated and just a few tweaks here and there throughout the blog. It’s a part of blogging though, keeping things updated and fresh. So what’s on your agenda this week?  What needs to get done?