The Spring Cleaning Challenge Kitchen reveal

I’ve completed the first week of my Spring Cleaning challenge and my kitchen is looking so much better. I wish that I was in the place financially to do some upgrades and beautifying in the kitchen but that will have to wait. For now though at least it is really clean and more functional.

I went through each drawer and cleaned things out. I got rid of what was in bad conditioned, put things in a box to donate or trashed them. Then I moved things around so that I had a more functional kitchen and a better use of my small space.

The Spring Cleaning Challenge  Kitchen reveal

BEFORE: Everything was just pretty messy and cluttered. Also our counters stain easily so I wanted to get them real clean.

kitchen picture

AFTER: For the counters it was mostly just a lot of picking up and decluttering, Then I scrubbed everything down really well. So that they are nice and clean.


BEFORE: I like the open shelves above my sink but they have too much stuff on them. Also I hate the dish dryer I have. It’s old and way too big. The counter space is limited so such a big dryer gets in the way. 

Kitchen pic

AFTER: I found this new dish dryer. It’s smaller which helps with space. I also went with black this time. I wish we had a dish washer but after years of hand washing I’m pretty use to it now. 



Here is my box to be taken for donations. It was a lot of kitchen tools that I had duplicates of. Or things that I bought or was given and didn’t use. We just don’t have the room for unused things or duplicates. So they are off to be donated. Anything in real bad shape was trashed because I try not to donate things in poor condition.



So there you have it. I think it’s a good start and I’m really looking forward to getting more clean each week during this cleaning challenge. I know it will really help my mood and keep the stress levels in our home down to have less clutter and things cleaned up. 

So next week it’s on to the living room and dining room spaces. I hope you will continue to follow along on this cleaning journey. Please link up a post of your own either from doing this challenge or anything cleaning or organization related. 

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